Satellite as a Service

Providing turnkey solutions for satellite


Satellite Constellation

Group of artificial satellites working together as a system. Satellites in Medium Earth orbit (MEO) and Low Earth orbit (LEO) are often deployed in satellite constellations.

Satellite Development

Satang support 3U and 6U CubeSat, and 50/100, 200, and 300 Kilogram Small satellite

Satellite Launch and Launching Site Coordination

Giving a technical consult and coordinate with launching provider, especially in China.

In-orbit telemetry and command and operation

Provides a connection between the satellite itself and the facilities on the ground.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking is activity to simply the current location and ground track of the satellite. Satellite Tracking may use data from optical telescope or radars networks.

Our Background

Satang Space was spin-off as a private company from ASCOM-Lab in 2021.

ASCOM-Lab is a research laboratory under King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand. We have experience in docking operation, trajectory planning. We are researching space technology and providing a satellite solution as a service for Thailand and worldwide. Our people who are leading in the fields are graduated from and studying at leading Chinese universities.